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Private Shuttle Service 2021-22 Winter season


We announce our private shuttle service for 2021-22 winter season.

<BLISS LODGING Shuttle Service> 
① 8:40 AM →Hirafu WC / Hirafu Gondola        
② 6:15 PM →Hirafu Intersection 
*Departure time at BLISS LODGING. 
*Reservation required.(Maximum 8 guests) 
*All services may be changed without any notice, depending on the COVID-19 situation. 
※Private shuttle service postponed due to Omicron variant for the time being.(2021.12.19)


You can get Hirafu Free Shuttle just front of BLISS LODGING. (Bus Stop No.25 on 2nd Picture)
Also, there are shuttle service operated by Hanazono Resort and Niseko United in Niseko.
Hanazono shuttle is free, and it runs between Hanazono and Grand Hirafu.
Niseko United shuttle covers Niseko area, all mountain lift pass holder is free, and others are charged.

You can get both shuttle buses from the bus stop 「Midtown」 where is located just cross a road.(20 seconds walk from BLISS LODGING)

It should be convenient for your adventure on the mountain, and for your relaxing time after skiing.

<Hirafu Free Shuttle>

<Hanazo Shuttle>

Niseko United Shuttle



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