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Ready to open the information for SAMURAI NIGHT 2020🎊


It is only one event collaborated with Matsumae town.
The historic town is located just 2h drive from Hakodate, and it is well known as the best place for the cherry blossom viewing with the castle in Hokkaido, and having fresh seafood.

Offering free wearing experience Samurai, Ninja, and Kimono.
😆Stay and Travel back in time to the world of samurai😆

🏯10th to 11th Feb 2020

🏯The costumes are;
For kids – Samurai and Ninja
For adults – Samurai, Ninja, and Kimono

🏯You can take the photos and video by own camera.
🏯Present Button Badge which is printed the photo that you wore the costume.

🏯Watching the video about Matsumae Town with drinks and snacks.
* Free snacks, drinks are charged.


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